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Quite simply – Turcite ® is PTFE impregnated with fillers and additives that serve to enhance the wear properties of the material.

It is used, most often in a sheet form, in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm (0.02”) to 4mm (0.16”), although in some applications, it is also used as a bush and in more rare applications it is used as a thick plate.

Being based on PTFE, the material cannot be extruded like a normal plastic sheet and instead needs to be “skived” – the process most commonly used to make thin PTFE sheets.

Also, the material will not easily adhere to other surfaces – another feature resulting from its PTFE base.

Therefore a chemical etching is required on one surface of the material, so the sheet can be bonded to other articles.


  1. Planers,

  2. milling machines

  3. SPMs

  4. Sharper's, horizontal & vertical boring machines,

  5. hydraulic & pneumatic power presses,

  6. press brakes,

  7. all types of grinders,

  8. radial drills,

  9. automatic screw machines,

  10. gear hobbers,

  11. gear shapers.

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